JLAB Badges without Security Refresher Disabled 8 a.m. Today

If you find that your Jefferson Lab Badge isn't permitting you access to work areas today, you most likely haven't taken the 2011 update of the lab's Annual Security Awareness course. Please take the training as soon as possible today. The CANS system will be updated about an hour after you have completed the security training and your badge will be re-activated.

The web-based training is available from the Training and Performance page: http://www.jlab.org/div_dept/train/webbasedtraining.html.

GEN034 is for staff and subcontractors.

GEN034U is for Users.

If you have difficulty running the training on your computer, contact Tara Wilkerson, 269-6119, for availability to VARC learning center computers (Building 28, Room 45).

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