JLab Begins Prep for June 1 Start of Hurricane Season

JLab Begins Prep for June 1 Start of Hurricane Season


The National Weather Service has determined “Hurricane Season” to be June 1 through Nov. 30. Jefferson Lab participates in observing this season by elevating its preparedness level to Hurricane Preparedness Condition 1 (HPC-1) on June 1.

Now is the time to review your work center's hurricane preparedness checklists and to familiarize yourself with the lab's hurricane preparedness activities, which include: monitoring the National Weather Service Forecast Reports; reviewing our inclement weather procedures; and inspecting facilities for structural integrity.

We will keep you informed if there is any reason to elevate the lab's preparedness level.



•       Review your emergency contact tree. Ensure its accuracy and distribute appropriately.

•       Finalize your draft Emergency Shutdown and Re-Start Activity Schedule. (See https://jlabdoc.jlab.org/docushare/dsweb/View/Collection-16469 if you have submitted one to the Emergency Manager.)

•       Delegate roles and responsibilities to individuals under your authority in the event the lab goes to HPC-2 and HPC-3.

•       Determine if your operations require personnel on-site when the lab is evacuated (e.g., for recovery operations).

        o   If so, provide the names, emergency contact information, and reason for designation to your Associate Director. 

        o   All names are reviewed and approved by the Emergency Management Team as appropriate.

Hurricane Wardens:

•       Review your Hurricane Warden Checklist (See https://jlabdoc.jlab.org/docushare/dsweb/View/Collection-15960 ) and perform activities as required:

•       Ensure Weather Alert Radio(s) are functioning.

•       Inventory your Emergency Equipment/Supply Box.

•       Inspect the structural integrity of the buildings, trailers and transportainers assigned to you.

•       Confirm completion to Emergency Manager and others as required.

Requests for specific information or clarification may be sent to Jefferson Lab’s Alternate Emergency Manager, Mary Jo Bailey, email mbailey@jlab.org or call x7277.

Thank you.
Mary Jo Bailey
Emergency Manager – Alternate