JLab Central Maintenance on Thursday, January 8, 2009

JLab Central Maintenance on Thursday, January 8, 2009

The CNI group is planning a maintenance period on Thursday, January 8,
from 5-10 p.m. For about the first hour, the central fileserver will
be unavailable. Computer users will not be able to access the J, K, L
and M network share drives or the CUE home, group, site and mail
directories. After the central fileserver work is complete, all
central servers will also be rebooted, including web servers, jlabl1,
jlabl2, and jlabl3 to finalize the installation of Linux and Windows
patches that will be applied to these machines. Services and systems
will only be down for a few minutes during the reboot, so please be

In addition, new security patches for the Linux and Windows operating
systems will be sent out to all Computer Center-managed Windows and
Linux machines during this maintenance period. If you work on one of
these systems, please log out of your Computer-Center managed computer
at the end of your workday, but leave them powered on overnight so
that the patches can be installed. Plan to reboot your computer at the
first available opportunity on Friday to complete the patch

If you experience difficulties with your computer following this maintenance period, reboot to see if that fixes the problem before contacting the Help Desk (x7155 or helpdesk@jlab.org) for assistance.

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