JLab Computer Center Maintenance Down at 5 p.m.

JLab Computer Center Maintenance Down at 5 p.m.

During tonight's maintenance activities, Computer Center staff will
take several networks outside of CEBAF Center offline, send out patches to
Computer Center-managed Windows and Linux systems, and take down central
and web servers for modifications. E-mail, Internet access, shared folders
and the website will be unavailable at times. Most users can avoid
difficulties by simply logging off before 5 p.m., leaving your computer
on, and rebooting your computer after the maintenance period (after 10
p.m.) or upon returning to work tomorrow morning.

For a specific list of maintenance activities, visit the Computer
Center maintenance pages at: href="http://cc.jlab.org/announce/status.html">http://cc.jlab.org/announce/status.html.

*Special Notice for Cernlib libraries and executables users*
A change will be made to the central environment such that cernlib will no
longer be automatically available in a user's path. Users who need access
to the cernlib libraries and executables will need to run "setup cernlib"
either in their own .cshrc file or by hand on the command line.

*Change to Unix 'Use' Script*
The alias for the central 'use' script will be modified to make it more
robust. Once the change is made, all current aliases will fail. People
will need to log out and back in for the changes to apply.

Questions about tonight's maintenance activities should be addressed to
the Help Desk at x7155 or href="helpdesk_jlab.html">helpdesk@jlab.org.

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