JLab Computing: Microsoft Windows Patch Scheduled for Tonight

JLab Computing: Microsoft Windows Patch Scheduled for Tonight

Posted Sept. 26, 2012

Sent on behalf of the Computing and Networking Infrastructure group and the Cyber Security team

Microsoft has just released the patch for the exploit of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) that is being used to infect unsuspecting users' computers with malicious software. Due to the nature of this patch, the CNI group will send it out to all Computer Center-managed Windows machines. If you work on one of these systems, please log out of all desktop computers at the end of your workday, but leave them powered on so that the patches can be installed.

If you experience difficulties with your computer in the morning, reboot to see if that fixes the problem before calling the IT Division Helpdesk (x7155) for assistance.

This patch will address the issue noted in the Sept. 19 all-hands email; However, the cyber security team asks that everyone continue to refrain from using Internet Explorer until after the patch has been installed. For more information, see the email: https://www.jlab.org/memo/dont-use-internet-explorer-unless-necessary-malware-found


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