JLab to Conduct an Emergency Response Exercise on June 11

Important Update: JLab to Conduct an Emergency Response Exercise on June 11

An Active Threat in the Workplace response exercise will take place at Jefferson Lab on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 11. It will be announced as an exercise via the lab’s Site Wide Alert communication tools (email, pager, Cisco phone text message) and Public Address tool (verbal announcements over Cisco phones).

Please DON’T call 911 regarding this exercise. (If you feel you should simulate calling 911, call ext. 5822, the lab’s Guard Post, and tell them you are simulating calling 911 with an exercise input.)

To prepare for the exercise, it may be helpful to review the FBI’s Active Shooter Event quick reference guide and the ES&H Manual, Ch. 3510, Appendix T5 “Active Threat Emergency Procedure.”

Individuals and work centers on the Accelerator Site, and individuals at the ARC and SURA Residence Facility will be EXCLUDED from this exercise. Everyone else at the lab, including the lab’s Security personnel, should plan on participating in or responding to the exercise based on where they are, what is going on around them, and any exercise input they may receive.

All messaging – pertaining to the exercise – will be clearly identified as EXERCISE or EXERCISE MESSAGE.

If anyone asks you about the activities underway or what you are doing, please respond that the lab is participating in an emergency response EXERCISE that includes participation by badged police officers, uniformed or vested Newport News and Federal emergency responders.

If you receive queries from the news media or the general public, direct them to Public Affairs at 269-5102 or email jlabinfo@jlab.org

All activities you see and hear during the exercise are meant to SIMULATE a real situation. Exercise officials – wearing yellow or orange vests – will control and moderate the exercise scenario. Please try to stay calm and respond to the exercise as if the situation were real. Specific buildings involved in the exercise scenario may be temporarily inaccessible.

Should an actual emergency occur during the exercise, the exercise will be terminated so we can respond to the actual event.

Thank you,
Tina Menefee
Emergency Manager
Jefferson Lab