JLab Cybersecurity Alert: E-mail Phishing Attack Underway

Jefferson Lab e-mail accounts are currently receiving fake e-mails that claim to be from the "Donnie R. Fitzpatrick" at "info@helpdesk.org." The e-mails assert that the recipient's e-mail account has exceeded its size limit and will be blocked from sending and receiving e-mails if further size limits are reached. The e-mail includes a link that will supposedly allow the recipient to increase their mailbox capacity.

These are "phishing" e-mails aimed at getting you to reveal your account information. Jefferson Lab's Computer Center personnel will never ask you to reveal your account information by e-mail, by phone or by fax.

If you have received this suspicious e-mail, delete it immediately. If you have already responded to this e-mail, clicked the link in the e- mail, or have other questions, please immediately contact the Computer Center HelpDesk at x7155 or helpdesk@jlab.org.

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