JLab Cybersecurity Warning: Phishing attack in progress

JLab Cybersecurity Warning: Phishing attack in progress

Jefferson Lab e-mail accounts are currently receiving fake e-mails that appear to be from Old Point National Bank. The e-mails claim that the recipient's account has been blocked and includes a phone number for the recipient to call to reactivate the account.

These are "phishing" e-mails aimed at getting you to reveal your financial information. Reputable financial institutions will not ask you to call an unknown number, click a link to reactivate a blocked account, or call you on the phone and ask you to reveal financial information. If you have an account with Old Point National Bank or another financial institution being targeted by such phishing attempts, you may always visit your local branch in person to verify your account or call your institution's publicly listed phone number (in the phone book or on their website).

Old Point National Bank has been informed of the phishing attempt and has had the phone number deactivated. If you receive unsolicited e-mail asking for financial or personal information, please disregard the e-mail and delete it. You may also contact the institution directly if you are unsure of the communication.

For more information on phishing, visit this "Webopedia" article: http://www.webopedia.com/DidYouKnow/Internet/2005/phishing.asp

Thank you!

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