JLab Director Statement on Jan. 15 Restructuring Action

JLab Director Statement on Jan. 15 Restructuring Action

Dear Colleague,

Today, 46 employees were released as the lab restructures. Several divisions are implementing changes to their organizations which reflect this restructuring.

The goal is to position the lab for the upcoming phase, dominated by operations of CEBAF for physics at 12 GeV, for a number of years. The restructuring is based on our understanding of the Department of Energy's intent, in terms of support, for this new phase. A second component influencing the restructuring is our "Work for Others." This went through a definite decline with the Free-Electron Laser (FEL), in particular, but still we have a lot of volatility in this area. Senior management has the goal of retaining our ability to operate the FEL as the need arises. Apart from future Navy work, there are several initiatives to use the FEL accelerator to support particle and nuclear physics experiments, and other R&D work. Although there are one or two formal steps which remain to be implemented to make this happen, the appropriate changes are incorporated into the organizations you will see today.

We realize that change, even for the good, is a challenge for personnel, and we depend on the support of our staff as we go forward. Our goal has been and remains to generate an exciting and productive future for the lab.

We do not yet understand what the 2015 budgets hold, but two days ago we saw that the appropriations for Nuclear Physics match the 2014 President’s Budget request. However, we need to see how this will flow down to us. On a positive note, the lab's Utilities Infrastructure Modernization (UIM) project was fully funded.