JLab E-mail Configuration Change Update

JLab E-mail Configuration Change Update

The CNI group is addressing two issues that have arisen due to the e-mail configuration change over the weekend. One issue is missing e-mail folders, and the other is a configuration change for users of the pine e-mail client. If you have encountered either of these issues, please follow the instructions below.

E-mail Folder Move Status

The CNI group moved e-mail folders out of computer users' home
directories over the weekend. The process was largely successful.
However, there are reports that some e-mail folders may not have been
correctly identified, and those folders were not moved. This is
recognizable by not being able to access a mailbox folder that was
accessible before this weekend.

We are therefore running the process again to catch folders that were
missed initially. Once complete, we will send out another message
asking users to check for missing folders.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Pine Configuration Change Required

Due to the changes to mail over this past weekend, users of the pine e-mail program will need to make the following changes to their configuration:

  • Log into pine and go to setup
  • Go to Configuration
  • Under "Folder Preferences", select enable-lame-list-mode
  • Exit the configuration screen and go back into setup
  • Go to collectionList settings, by pressing 'L'
  • Go to AddCollection by pressing 'a'
  • This should bring up a screen asking for a Nickname, server, path, and View. Set these as follows:
    Nickname: JLab IMAP folders
    Server: mail.jlab.org/ssl
    Path: (path to your folders, e.g., mail/)
    View: (Leave blank)

Note that the path above is the path to where your folders were in
your home directory. Usually, this was mail/ or Mail/.

These instructions can also be found at http://cc.jlab.org. If you have any problems setting this up, please send an e-mail to helpdesk@jlab.org.

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