JLab Emergency Management Team urges everyone to stay away from JLab Jan. 7-8

JLab Emergency Management Team urges everyone to stay away from JLab Jan. 7-8. Lab status message will go out Sunday after 4 p.m.

The Jefferson Lab Emergency Management Team (EMT) urges all members of the Jefferson Lab community to stay away from the lab on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 7-8, 2017. According to the National Weather Service, on Saturday, the area around the lab could receive 9-plus inches of snow and experience winds gusting up to 30 mph.

No attempt will be made to clear JLab roads, parking lots and sidewalks until sometime after noon on Sunday. During snow clearing efforts, vehicles on lab roads and parking lots, and pedestrians slow the snow clearing process.

An update from the Emergency Management Team, regarding the lab status for Monday, Jan. 9, 2017, will be sent out after 4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 8.

More information…

about the storm forecast is available on the National Weather Service webpage at: http://www.weather.gov/akq/  

about Jefferson Lab’s Operational Status Decision Making Protocol is posted online at: https://jlabdoc.jlab.org/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-129591

about determining the Jefferson Lab Status is posted online at: https://www.jlab.org/intralab/emergency/Determine_JLab%20Status.pdf

about the lab’s Weather Emergency leave policy is posted in Section 207.08.C.2 of the Admin Manual online at: http://webgen1.jlab.org/div_dept/admin/HR/Admin_Manual/200/207.08.html#C

Much of this information is accessible from the Jefferson Lab Emergency Management webpage: https://www.jlab.org/intralab/emergency/