JLab Goes to HPC-2 for Hurricane Sandy

JLab Goes to HPC-2 for Hurricane Sandy

Jefferson Lab's Emergency Management Weather Team is monitoring the weather forecasts associated with Hurricane Sandy.

For now, they ask all JLab Hurricane Preparedness Checklist owners to carry out their HPC-2 checklists today.

When complete, inform your manager. These status reports will then be relayed up to the division heads.

Checklists may be found at:

At this time the weather team anticipates the area around Jefferson Lab on Sunday and Monday receiving, at worst, tropical-storm-force winds, localized tidal flooding, and bands of possibly heavy rain.

Before leaving work on Friday, please make sure all equipment and materials that could be blown about are appropriately secured or moved.

The weather team will meet later today to reassess conditions; and an update will be sent out after that meeting.

This message is being sent on behalf of JLab Management and the ESH&Q Division.


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