JLab to Hold Lab-Wide Cleanup May 7-11

JLab to Hold Lab-Wide Cleanup May 7-11

Jefferson Lab will hold a lab-wide spring cleanup May 7-11 in advance of the May 19 Open House. The cleanup will involve all divisions and all employees.

All managers are responsible for ensuring the participation of their individual staffs. The goal is to clean up individual work areas, as well as to remove scrap wood, cardboard, metals and other excess items that may have piled up over time both indoors and out.

The cleanup also will be an excellent time to identify excess equipment or furniture. Contact the Property Office at ext. 6270 for the removal of excess, unused or unusable equipment, furniture and materials.

During the cleanup, please be careful not to mix recyclables. In other words, wood scrap, recyclable metals, and paper and other permissible recyclable office waste goes into the proper collection containers.

For this cleanup, scrap metal dumpsters will be put in the Test Lab High Bay (Bldg 58) and on the Accelerator Site at the South Access Building (Bldg. 38); Material Handling Equipment Storage 2 near Halls A, B and C; and between Buildings 87 and 89. Adjacent areas will be marked for wood, cardboard and excess equipment.

The cleanup is not optional. Everyone is expected to participate.

If you have questions, need assistance, or if the dumpsters and bins in your area for cleanup week fill up, please contact Lamont Williams, ext. 6270 or lamont@jlab.org or Bill Brisiel, ext. 7233 or brisiel@jlab.org.

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