JLab Holiday Shutdown Guidelines for Staff

Dear Colleagues:

The Lab shutdown begins Friday, December 22, 2017 at 5 p.m. The Lab will reopen on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. During this period the Lab will be closed. As a reminder, December 25, 26, 29, and January 1, are designated as holidays. December 27 and 28 can be taken as vacation days or as Leave Without Pay (LWOP). The LWOP option is available only during the Lab shutdown. For those employees who elect LWOP, they must adhere to the guidelines detailed below. Employees are responsible for charging time to the leave codes as appropriate.

Exempt employees who are on LWOP cannot be on the premises during the shutdown and are not authorized to work during this time.

Non-exempt employees who elect LWOP should only charge actual hours worked to their time sheets.

All employees who choose to charge LWOP in lieu of vacation must notify their supervisor and then send an email to Krystina Patrick at serafini@jlab.org and CC their supervisor no later than Wednesday, December 13, 2017. Employees who plan to exhaust their vacation hours (down to the tenth of an hour) before taking LWOP do not need to send an email.

Employees who elect LWOP are advised that sick and vacation leave accruals for the time sheet period will be prorated down. This proration is also true for the employer TIAA-CREF contributions.

Associate Directors are solely responsible for submitting a list of employees required to work during the shutdown period to Janet Smith (jpsmith@jlab.org) no later than 12 p.m. (noon) Tuesday, December 19, using the attached form. For all exempt employees required to work during the holiday shutdown, adherence to the time-charging practices and on-site rules outlined above is essential.

SOTRs for Subcontractors working during the shutdown period shall complete and submit a Guard Instruction form (attached) for each contract and each day work is being performed at the Lab. This form must be submitted to the Support Service Center, Room 52 or via email to Kris Burrows (burrows@jlab.org), Mike Lewellen (lewellen@jlab.org), and Dreamie Newsome (newsome@jlab.org) no later than 12 p.m. (noon) on Tuesday, December 19, 2017.

During the shutdown, energy-saving measures will be in effect in Lab buildings including the TED, Test Lab Area G and the High Bay, Buildings 85, 87, 89, Counting House 2nd Floor, EEL (except clean rooms), ESH&Q Building, CEBAF Center, Support Service Center, and ARC JLab occupied space. This means that building temperatures will be reduced and certain equipment will be turned off. CEBAF Center will be accessible only through the main entrance.

2017 Holiday Work Access List

SOTRs: After-Hours Vendor Access (for Guards)

Kind Regards, 
Rhonda Barbosa
Human Resources Director