JLab: Important Update to TLD badge changeout schedule

JLab: Important Update to TLD badge changeout schedule

Due to the extended power outage beginning Friday, Dec. 21, the semi-annual TLD change out for all badge racks in CEBAF Center, the EEL and the Test Lab will take place after 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 20. If your TLD badge rack location is in one of these buildings, please put your TLD badge in its assigned slot before leaving JLab on Thursday.

If you miss the TLD change out for these buildings on Thursday, stop by Radiation Control, Trailer 52B, on Friday morning to exchange your TLD badge.

Also, anyone working on Friday after 12:00 p.m. who cannot return their TLD to its assigned slot (in CEBAF Center, EEL, Test Lab), may place their TLD in RadCon's black mailbox on the outside of Trailer, 52B. Those TLDs, placed in the mailbox by 5 p.m. Friday will be returned to their badge-rack slots in CEBAF Center, the EEL and Test Lab by RadCon, after power returns during New Year weekend.

All other TLD badge change outs will take place over the holiday shutdown. Anyone leaving JLab before noon Dec. 21, is asked to put their badge in the rack before leaving.

Anyone with questions may call Becky Mosbrucker, 757-269-7236 or page 584-7236.


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