JLab Insight Update: Performance Tab Online!

JLab Insight Update: Performance Tab Online!

We are pleased to announce the rollout of the new Performance section of JLab Insight to the Lab community. When you login, you will notice the new tab at the top of your screen.

Since the launch of JLab Insight on October 1, 2006, the MIS group has been working to provide additional functionality including working with Lab managers in developing this new section for tracking performance metrics. The goal is to provide near real-time insight into lab operations and performance for both DOE and Lab managers by creating a single at-a-glance tool.

In the next steps, we will be working with Lab managers to define thresholds for the red/yellow/green stoplight chart indicators and add additional indicated reports. We will be meeting with divisions and groups from across the Lab to get your feedback for maximizing the utility of JLab Insight.

For more information and to directly share your feedback, please contact:


Kari Heffner, MIS Group Manager
Roy Whitney, CIO

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