JLab: Key ES&H Point-of-Contact Changes

JLab: Key ES&H Point-of-Contact Changes

Due to changes in the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility ESH&Q staff, it is necessary to make temporary adjustments to contact information. These adjustments should help maintain the level of ESH&Q service at JLab while the Lab moves through the necessary process for replacing key staff. Please use the following contact information for key program areas:

Organizations Previous Contact New Contact
Health & Safety Department (H&S) Head   Bob May (x7632)   John Kelly (x7531)
Industrial Hygiene (IH) Head   Patty Hunt (x7039)   Jennifer Williams (x7882)
Functional Areas Previous Contact New Contact
Laser Safety Patty Hunt (x7039)   Bert Manzlak (x7556)
Pressure Safety Patty Hunt (x7039)   Bert Manzlak (x7556)
Hearing Protection Program Patty Hunt (x7039) Occ. Med Clinic (x7539)

You will be notified of any further changes. If you have any questions, please call me at 757-269-7632. Thanks for your cooperation.

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