JLab Mail Procedures

JLab Mail Procedures

The changes in mailing addresses (both US Postal and internal) and mail delivery will begin Monday July 31. The changes include the US Postal Service delivering daily mail directly to the mailboxes in Cebaf Center. For the mailstops that are outside of Cebaf Center our Subcontractor JKHill will pickup the mail and deliver it in the customary mailbags to the correct location. All mail that is not properly addressed will be brought to Shipping and Receiving to be sorted and placed in mailbags.

Another change is you will now have a US Postal address and an internal mail stop. In most cases internal mailstops did not change. Please see the attached spreadsheet to determine your US Postal address and your internal mailstop. Any changes in internal mailstops need to be entered in JList. For faster service contact any magazines with subscriptions or companies you receive mail from regularly to change your address. Also for any outgoing mail ensure the correct mailing address is listed on the outside of the envelope or on the address label of packages.

Outgoing JLab mail should be placed in the CEBAF Center mailbox marked "Mail Requiring Postage" on the Internal Mail side and all stamped mail can be placed in the Outgoing Mail slot for the Post Office to pick up. Outside of CEBAF Center all outgoing mail can be placed in mailbags.

Operation of the Parcel Boxes
Two parcel boxes were installed on the US Postal Mailboxes in Cebaf Center. Should a package be sent US Postal the postman will put the package in a Parcel box and place the key in the corresponding suite box. Once the box is opened the key can only be removed by the Postal Worker.

Please contact Shauna Cannella at Ext 5393 or Joan Holloway Ext 7348 if there are any questions.

View US Postal address and internal mailstop spreadsheet

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