JLab Mourns Loss of Tom Elliott

JLab Mourns Loss of Tom Elliott

February 9, 2011       

telliotLast night, Tom Elliott, a senior technical associate in the Superconducting Radiofrequency Institute, succumbed to complications of a chronic illness.

Tom joined the lab in 1987, arriving as part of the team led by Ron Sundelin that was transplanted from Cornell University to set up an SRF Lab at JLab and build CEBAF.  Tom's creative skills contributed to vital developments that continue to serve diverse needs. Beginning early as a chemical processing technician, Tom broadened to be responsible for creative use of the lab's sputter-coating system and specialty brazing systems.

Tom showed no hesitancy to take on very technique-sensitive tasks. He frequently lived at the interface of joining dissimilar materials. His legacy includes all of the rf windows built into CEBAF. Tom alone also brazed all of the FEL optical out-coupling mirrors from the original IR-demo to the most recent UV record. Ever with an eye to creative, yet disciplined solutions, Tom contributed to many of the lab's shared successes.

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