JLab Office 365 Calendar Migration Complete


Posted on behalf of IT Division

Office 365 (O365) is now Jefferson Lab's production Calendar.  Zimbra's Calendar and Contacts have been migrated into Office 365 (O365).  In order to ensure that meetings are scheduled as planned, there are a few things everyone should do in their migrated O365 Calendar.

  1. Open O365 (https://portal.office.com), navigate to Outlook, and click on the Calendar icon in the lower left to access the O365 Calendar.
  2. For meetings that you had previously replied to (Accepted/Declined), please take time to reply to each meeting in O365 again.  This is optional, but will help meeting schedulers know who can attend their meetings.
  3. If you are an organizer of repeating meetings and you made an exception to one or more instances of that repeating meeting, then you must reestablish those exceptions.  Repeating meetings were migrated as they were first scheduled; without the exceptions.

Guides from the training sessions last month are still available at: https://cc.jlab.org/o365

It is suggest that you now remove subscriptions or references to Zimbra from your mobile devices and computers.  Zimbra will remain online for a brief period of time, but only as a reference.

REMINDER:  Do not use the Zimbra Calendar going forward.  Doing so will place meetings on a disused calendar.

CONTACT: IT Division Help Desk, x7155, helpdesk@jlab.org