JLab Personnel Dosimeters Changed Out THIS Weekend

The semi-annual OSLD (optically stimulated luminescent dosimeter) change out for all JLab personnel dosimeters will take place over the upcoming
weekend . Saturday and Sunday, June 27-28. Everyone with a dosimeter is asked to place their OSLD in its assigned slot in the racks before leaving JLab
on Friday, June 26. If you are leaving before then, please be sure to return the dosimeter to its place in the rack before you leave the lab.

Anyone needing their dosimeter because they are working during the change out period or those with questions may contact Becky Mosbrucker, Radiation
Control Department, at 269-7236 or page 584-7236.

Remember to return your dosimeter to its place in the assigned rack when it is not in use. Don't leave it in your desk or other work area. Don't
leave it in your car or where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.

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