JLab Phone Phishing Alert

JLab Phone Phishing Alert

Jefferson Lab staff and users have been receiving phishing phone calls regarding the security of their desktop computer at Jefferson Lab. In this particular attack, the caller may be male or female with a non-American accent.

This is phone phishing and should be ignored. If you receive a phone call regarding the security of your computer, hang up. Do not provide any information to the caller. Please inform the IT Division HelpDesk (x7155) if you provided any personal information, including your JLab username and password, in response to a phone phishing request.

Reminder: Staff members of the IT Division Helpdesk will never call you regarding the security of your computer from an out-of-state area code. Nor will they ask you for personal information or for your username or password over the phone or through an email.

Sent on behalf of the Computing and Networking Infrastructure group

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