JLab Property Inventory Begins This Week

The annual property inventory starts this week. The Property Manager has randomly selected 20 percent of JLab's property custodians for a complete property inventory. The list of custodians selected for FY08 is attached (Excel Worksheet). In addition to those listed, any custodians that have not completed their annual property validation will also be included in the inventory group for this year.

To complete the inventory each item must be physically seen by a member of the Property office. You will be contacted by Joan Holloway, Lamont Williams or Chad Johnson from the Property office, to set up a time to have your assigned property inventoried (this includes all property on your Property Validation list). The physical inventory is scheduled immediately after the annual custodian property validation period so the locations confirmed during the validation should be reasonably current. Please note that it is not the Property staff's function to search for your assigned property. Property staff will go to each location specified by the custodian to inventory individual items - one time. Any item not at its specified location will be reported as "missing" until the item is physically located by the custodian and verified by Property staff.


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