JLab Property & Key Validations; Property Refresher Training

JLab Property & Key Validations; Property Refresher Training

Jefferson Lab's annual Property and Key Validation period will run from March 1-30. Taking the annual Property Custodian Refresher Training is also required at this time.  A property and key audit, conducted by Facilities Management and Logistics staff, will follow the validation period.

Property Validation and Refresher Training
During the validation period, everyone at JLab with a property inventory (aka, Property Custodians) must first take the JLab Property Custodian Refresher training (GEN150). The training takes about 5 minutes. (Be patient if the forward arrows are slow to appear.)

After completing the refresher training, log into your Property Inventory and account for and validate each item on your property list. Be sure to click on the Submit Form button when you've completed the validation process.

Access your Property Validation list and the Property Custodian Refresher Training via the links provided on the Property webpage at: http://www.jlab.org/fm/property/

If you have property or validation process questions or concerns, contact the Property office at ext. 7348, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. or email property@jlab.org

Complete Your Key Validation
Every person who has one or more JLab keys must validate each key issued to them. Use the link below to access the Key Validation system.

Copy and paste the following link into your Internet provider (for instance, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer) URL line.  Press the Enter key and you should be directed to the Key Validation sign in screen: https://misportal.jlab.org/keyAudit

Sign in, then follow the instructions on the screen; be sure to click on the Submit button before logging out of the system (logout in the upper right corner).

Subcontractors with keys, but without JLab computer accounts, will be contacted by Dennis Merritt, the Facilities Management and Logistics locksmith.

If you have any non-essential or non-functional JLab keys, please return them to Dennis, Mail Stop 28G. If you have questions about the key validation process, contact Dennis at merritt@jlab.org .

This message is being sent on behalf of Facilities Management and Logistics.

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