JLab Roads Update: Rattley Rd. Closure Planned to Start Week of July 11 (updated posted June 23, 2016)

JLab Road Work Update: Status of Work on Lawrence Dr. and Upcoming Closure of Rattley Rd. (update posted July 5, 2016)

The final layer of asphalt is scheduled to go on Lawrence Drive this week (week of July 4, 2016).  The plan is to complete this portion of the work on Friday, July 8. An announcement will be made when the Lawrence Dr./Jefferson Avenue entrance is open to traffic.

The rebuilding of Rattley Road is scheduled to start the week of July 11.  The exact start date for this work will be confirmed and announced by the end of this week.  The Rattley Rd. work is scheduled to take about two weeks; and the road will be closed to all traffic during this work. (Rattley is the road at the entrance to the Residence Facility. See diagram.)  Detour signage will be posted.

Entering JLab While Rattley Rd. is Closed

Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.: All personnel and personal vehicles, as well as smaller delivery trucks (smaller than 50'), can use either the Jefferson Ave./Lawrence Dr. or Jefferson Ave./Hogan Drive entrances while Rattley Rd. is closed.  If using the Hogan Dr. entrance, you will need to either use Lawrence Dr. (by the ARC building) or Hofstadter Road (by the Support Service Center, Bldg. 28) to enter the lab.

Entering the Lab After Hours

The only after-hours access to Jefferson Lab will be via the lab’s main entrance – Lawrence Drive at Jefferson Ave. This includes federal holidays.

Cryogenic Deliveries

Cryogenic deliveries are being coordinated to use the Canon Blvd. entrance.  Notify all other delivery vendors that if they plan on delivering with a tractor trailer (50' in length and longer) they are to enter the lab using Hogan Road.  Once on Hogan, they will need to take an immediate right onto Lawrence Dr. (by the ARC building), then a left onto Pauli Drive followed by a right at the Pauli/Rattley intersection.

Exiting the Lab

All personnel and their personal vehicles, and smaller delivery vehicles, can exit the lab using Lawrence Dr. then left to Jefferson Ave., or from Hofstadter Rd. then left onto Hogan Dr.

Tractor trailers exiting the lab will need to exit via Pauli Dr. then left onto Lawrence Dr./Jefferson Ave.

Detour signs will be installed.  If you have questions about the locations of any roads mentioned in this email, please see the lab map at: https://www.jlab.org/visitors/visiting/SitePlan.pdf

Residence Facility Parking During Rattley Rd. Closure

The parking lot to the SURA Residence Facility will be closed during the rebuilding of Rattley Rd.  Residence Facility patrons and staff can park in the CEBAF Center parking lot while Rattley Rd. is closed. Use the sidewalk to access the Res. Facility from the CEBAF Center parking lot.

All members of the Jefferson Lab community are reminded to stay out of construction areas.

Questions may be directed to Facilities Management and Logistics Director, Rusty Sprouse.