JLab Science and Technology Review

JLab Science and Technology Review

This week the Office of Nuclear Physics brought a distinguished team of
experts to Jefferson Lab to carry out our annual Science and Technology
Review. This is the most important single input into our annual report
card. More importantly, it is a chance to explain to the DOE and a
distinguished group of our peers what we have achieved over the past year.

I am pleased to announce that the comments from the committee were
overwhelmingly complimentary. Many positive observations were made
regarding our skilled, hard-working staff and strong User community.
These comments that remind us that such a positive outcome relies
entirely on the quality and dedication of the staff who made the
presentations, provided data for them, gave their advice during dry runs
and provided first rate support, including the site tour, meals,
printing and organization. This year we also had a presentation which
was handled by video conference, for the success of which we thank our
IT Division.

While we do have a little homework to do in response to the Review this
will be beneficial for the lab. Overall the Review was an outstanding
success and I would like to congratulate all of the staff involved on a
job very well done!

Tony Thomas

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