JLab Staff Recognized at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 Year Service Award Events

JLab Staff Recognized at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 Year Service Award Events

During a series of special events held this week in May, 92 members of Jefferson Lab's staff are being recognized for reaching significant employment milestones. The Service Award recipients and their respective supervisors are attending the events that are hosted by JLab Director Hugh Montgomery and planned by the Human Resources Office.
The Jefferson Lab community extends a sincere "thank you" to each of these individuals for the hard work and dedication that brought each person to this point, and a hearty "congratulations."

Five-Year Service Awards
An ice cream social was held May 4 in CEBAF Center to recognize the 10 Five-Year Service Award Recipients.
5year5-Year Service Award Recipients:
David Abbott
Pavel Evtushenko
Kelly Krug
Dennis Miner
Greg Nowicki
Jessica Perry
Sarin Philip
Keith Royston
Daniel Secton
Christian Weiss




Ten-Year Service Awards
A brunch was held May 5 in CEBAF Center to recognize the 24 Ten-Year and 29 Fifteen-Year Service Awards Recipients.

10-Year Service Award Recipients:

5year Ken Baggett
Michael Bevins
Steve Castagnola
Ying Chen
Todd Coates
Kirk Davis
Eric Diggs
Daniel Forehand
William Formichelli
Chris Gould
Joe Grames
James Henry
Justine Jackson
Kim Kindrew
Larry King
Dawn Mcginnis-Cole
Mac McMullen
Calvin Mealer
Youri Sharabian
Dennis Skopik
Greg Smith
Gwyn Williams
Katherine Wilson


15-Year Service Award Recipients:

5year Walt Akers
Krister Bruhwel
Linda Ceraul
Jian-Ping, Chen
Brad Cumbia
Howard Fenker
Lawrence Ferbee Jr.
John Ferreira
Arne Freyberger
Debora Griffith
Bill Gunning
David Hardy
Marti Hightower
Garry Justice
Dave Kausch
Andy Kowalski
Monty Lehmann
Jacque Ludwig
Matt Poelker
Roy Robertson
Rhonda Scales
Michelle Shinn
Karl Smith
Mark Stevens
Ken Surles-Law
William Taylor
Mark Wissman
Bogdan Wojtsekhowski
Wesley Woodworth

A luncheon will be held on May 7 in CEBAF Center to recognize the 21 Twenty-Year and the 4 Twenty-Five-Year Service Awards Recipients.  This is the first year that Jefferson Lab has staff reaching the 25-Year Service Award level.

20-Year Service Award Recipients:

5year Cela Callaghan
Carolyn Camp
Chris Cuevas
Butch Dillon-Townes
Michael Drury
Kent Ernsting
Peter Francis
Rick Gonzales
Pierre Hemler
Peter Kushnick
Denise Leary
Brett Lewis
Kelly Mahoney
George Neil
Kevin Sullivan
Gayle Sundeen-Coleman
Lyn Wells
Robert Williams
Neil Wilson
Robin Wines
Lori Zukerman


5year25-Year Service Award Recipients:
Franz Gross
Joan Holloway
Todd Jones
Roy Whitney


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