JLab Stockroom

At the Summer shutdown safety meeting yesterday morning a concern was expressed regarding the effect the changes to the technical stockroom will have on the upcoming accelerator shutdown. Since March (except for safety equipment) the technical stockroom has not restocked the "on the self" inventory but instead has been filling material request as they are submitted. The goal is to draw down the "un-expensed" inventory and move to 100% commercial supply chain. This commercial or "consigned inventory" approach will significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a just-in-case inventory while at the same time guaranteeing rapid turn-around of material requests (I am talking about hours). E-commerce orders are currently being placed promptly by material services staff who if requested will pick up orders from local vendors to expedite the material request. The combination of proper work planning, E-commerce procurement, expedited material deliveries and the move to a consigned inventory, should result in improved supply chain management and responsiveness. If you experience problems please contact Rusty Sprouse or me.

Mike Dallas

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