JLab Under Construction: Road & Parking Lot Closures and Utility Outages

JLab Under Construction: Road & Parking Lot Closures and Utility Outages

Facilities Management and Logistics
Weekly Construction Look Ahead

updated Jan. 13, 2012

This diagram shows the footprint of the construction site for the new Technology and Engineering Development Facility, or TEDF.

General Announcement:
Use caution while driving and/or walking around JLab. Several construction projects are underway. Don't enter marked construction areas. Follow all closure/detour and construction signs. Be watchful and use caution around construction equipment on JLab streets and load/unload areas.
Entry into a construction area requires: taking training SAF 100C, EH&S Orientation for Construction Contractors, or being with a trained escort; coordination or approval from the JLab site-specific SOTR or safety officer; and wearing all specified Personal Protective Equipment for the area you will be entering.

Road & Parking Lot Closures and Utilities Outages for All Projects

Current Impacts
New and Extended Campus Sidewalks Being Poured
Sidewalk preparation and cement pour work will intermittently reduce traffic flow in some areas to one lane and/or very briefly stop traffic. Please watch for and heed the directions of flagmen or signage in those areas. Areas of sidewalk work include: along Hadron Drive, the east end of the North Connector Road and the length of the South Connector Road. All of the sidewalk work is scheduled to be completed by Jan. 20.
Related links:
Hadron Drive: https://cc.jlab.org/cgi-bin/infrastructure/Outage/OutageView?ident=8
North Connector Road: https://cc.jlab.org/cgi-bin/infrastructure/Outage/OutageView?ident=2
South Connector Road: https://cc.jlab.org/cgi-bin/infrastructure/Outage/OutageView?ident=1

Proposed Impacts
Road Paint Striping to Temporarily Close Newly Paved Areas

JLab roads that were repaved before the holiday break will be re-striped in the coming weeks. While this restriping work is done, the following roads will temporarily close or be reduced to one lane:
The South Connector Road from CEBAF Circle in front of CEBAF Center to Rattley Road; and
>From the corner of Rattley Road and Hadron Drive to the corner of Rattley Road just north of the SURA Residence Facility.

During that time, the roads will be closed to traffic during painting and for drying of paint. This job is proposed to be done on a weekend and is expected to be completed in one day. Traffic will be affected as follows:

-- No passage for traffic from the dirt road on north of the Residence Facility toward Rattley Road or SCOT Road. This will be for a few hours. (Res. Facility traffic will be able to turn left onto Rattley Rd. and leave/enter via the North Connector Road.

All deliveries, access to the Res. Facility and all other traffic will have to use Onnes Drive and the North Connector Road. Questions regarding this project may be directed to Suresh Chandra, x7248.

Continuing Parking Lot Closures
Test Lab Lobby Parking Area Remains Closed
Due to work on the new Technology and Engineering Development (TED) building and preparation work for the Test Lab (Bldg. 58) refurbishment project, the small parking lot on the northwest corner of the Test Lab remains closed to parking. It is being used as a construction equipment and materials laydown area.

New Parking Lot East of Test Lab Remains Closed
The new parking lot east of the Test Lab is for construction workers' use until the parking lot is turned over to JLab.

Proposed and Confirmed FM&L Utility Outages/Impacts

For information about proposed and confirmed utilities outages and road closures being scheduled and managed by Facilities Management and Logistics, please visit the FM&L Outage Management System at: http://cc.jlab.org/cgi-bin/infrastructure/Outage/OutageView

Project Updates

E: Hall D Complex and 12 GeV Upgrade Project
For project updates on the 12 GeV Upgrade, please visit:

Important Access Note for Hall D work/access
In order to access Hall D, you must be escorted by someone authorized to enter Hall D and escort visitors, or you must complete all required Hall D-specific training, and get permission before entry from Hall D Technical Coordinator, Tom Carstens. Everyone entering Hall D must wear all required Personal Protective Equipment. PPE requirements may vary based on work in the hall; please check with Tom Carstens for required PPE.

K/N: Technology and Engineering Development Facility (TEDF)

Test Lab Addition
The building shell is complete. The 450-ton press and the CNC knockout panel are scheduled for completion during January. Interior construction is proceeding. Clean room installation is proceeding. Finishing work is proceeding. Permanent power work was completed over the holiday shutdown to allow for startup in the building. Clean room mechanical startup is proceeding.

TED Building
Exterior masonry is proceeding. Ceilings are being hung and ceiling tile installed. Flashing still needs to be completed. Glass is complete except for the glazing at the architectural feature.
Interior inspections are proceeding. Interior finishes are proceeding.

Test Lab Rehab - Exterior work on the existing Test Lab is complete. Work in support of the TED and Test Lab Addition is proceeding. Building interior work is scheduled to start on March 1.

TED and Test Lab Addition Equipment and Furnishings
Crane Package - Installation of cranes in the clean room started the week of Jan. 2. Installation of cranes for the remainder of the building started the week of Jan. 16. Jib cranes in the high bay have been installed. Test Lab Addition cranes are being installed throughout January. Clean room crane installation should be completed by Jan. 10.

Workstation Packages for TED - Installation work is now scheduled to start on Jan. 19. Plans underway to begin moving SRF and other Test Lab groups in late February.

Road closure update

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