JLab Update Regarding Sequestration Impacts for FY13

JLab Update Regarding Sequestration Impacts for FY13

Dear Colleague,

As we have discussed on several occasions, FY13 has been a difficult year from the point of view of funding. In a memo to all staff, we explained that we no longer contemplated operating the laboratory with a reduced working week. Nevertheless, despite the mitigation of a large part but not all, of the impact of sequestration, the budget situation is very tight as we approach the end of the fiscal year. We will be taking the actions as laid out below.

- Deploy some of the Director's Reserve funds from the Department of Energy.

- Deploy some reserve SURA funds from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

- Apply austerity in Materials and Services through to the end of the fiscal year and reduce expenditures by delaying non-essential procurements beyond the end of the fiscal year.

- Implement the increased use of vacation time for exempt employees. Your managers will be providing the details of how this will be implemented. (See vacation Balance Tracking Tool now available in the Personal Information portlet on the INSIGHT Front Page or at: https://misportal.jlab.org/mis/apps/hr/vacationBalance/index.cfm )

- Delay some post-shutdown activities until early October.

In all these initiatives, we appreciate your support.

With Best Regards,