JLab User community mourns Salvatore Frullani

JLab User community mourns Salvatore Frullani- a message from Rolf Ent

Salvatore Frullani, an eminent nuclear physicist from INFN well known within the electromagnetic scattering community, recently passed away. It is difficult to imagine electron scattering experiments without Salvatore. Salvatore already early on was involved in quasi-elastic (e,e’p) scattering experiments, and the success of this program led to a review article in Advances of Nuclear Physics written in collaboration with Jean Mougey and published in 1984. This classic article has been part of the education of many of us into the world of electron scattering experiments off nuclei.

Salvatore has been passionate and extremely dedicated to groundbreaking electron scattering experiments throughout his career, starting from his work at Frascati and Saclay, through strong involvement of Salvatore and his group in the HERMES experiment at DESY, in multiple experiments at Jefferson Lab, and recently in the OLYMPUS experiment at DESY. Salvatore very well knew where the main scientific issues were in our field.

Many of us will especially remember Salvatore due to his friendly and low-key character. Salvatore’s highest-quality knowledge and high respect in the field did not deter him from participating in multiple experiments, showing up for multiple shifts, often as the worker in owl shifts. Working with Salvatore was always enjoyable, and he will be sorely missed at Jefferson Lab.