JLab Voluntary Separation Program - Message from Hugh Montgomery

JLab Voluntary Separation Program - Message from Hugh Montgomery

Aug. 27, 2012

Dear Colleagues:

The lab has completed its review of applications for the Jefferson Lab Voluntary Separation Program and 10 long-time lab employees have been approved to participate.

Those accepted into the program, their department, years of service and job title are listed below.  On behalf of the lab, I want to thank them for their service and their contributions to our success.

Please join me in wishing all of them the very best in their future endeavors.


Employee Division Service Year Job Title
Henry Adams F&L Mgmt 25 Mechanical Associate
Robert Adams Eng 14 Safety Systems Engineer
Thomas Reid Eng 25 Material Control Coordinator
James Boyce FEL/CFO 25 Tech Transfer Staff Scientist
Linda Williams FEL 25 Division Administrative Assistant
Steven Corneliussen Accel 26 Senior Editor & Writer
Cela Callaghan Accel/IT 23 Division Administrative Assistant
Cynthia Hall IT 16 Database Administrator/Analyst
Samuel Stevens IT 14 Hardware Technician
Michael Syptak Phy 23 Division Finance Administrator

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