JLab Welcomes New Human Resources Manager, Rhonda Barbosa

In early January, Rhonda Barbosa, JLab's new Human Resources Manager, joined the staff. For the past 10 years, Rhonda has worked in the HR profession and held a series of progressive positions with employee relations, recruitment, compensation, benefits, compliance and strategic planning.

Rhonda has worked for two Fortune 100 Companies - MCI and Gateway - and most recently a mid-size company in Richmond, VA, as the Vice President of Human Resources. Rhonda is PHR certified and has her Master's Degree in Human Resource Development from George Washington University. She is looking forward to visiting with employees in the coming weeks and acclimating to the Lab. Rhonda's primary office is in CEBAF Center, Room B212, ext. 5991; email is rbarbosa@jlab.org .

Michael Dallas

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