JLab-Wide Phone & Network Outage: Saturday, July 20

JLab-Wide Phone & Network Outage: Saturday, July 20

Jefferson Lab’s landline telephone system will be down Saturday, July 20, between 8 a.m. and noon. The outage will permit equipment upgrades.

Across Jefferson Lab, the outage will disrupt:
• Telephone services
• Internet access
• Wireless access
• Central computing services
• Voicemail
• Fax machines

The most critical services, which include telephones, Internet and central servers will be restored first.

This outage does not affect the accelerator controls network and Jefferson Lab badge readers. Services to cell phones and pagers will not be impacted.

This outage will affect JLab and university phones in the ARC, but won't affect commercial tenants in the ARC.

Reporting Emergencies:
- Use a cell phone to call 911; then immediately call the JLab Security cell phone at 757-342-9868. Advise Security of the 911 call; the nature and location of the emergency.
- Or activate the closest fire alarm box. Follow this by calling Security at 757-342-9868 to inform officers of the situation.

Inquiries can be made to Jefferson Lab Security’s cell at 757-342-9868.

For more information regarding this outage, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at helpdesk@jlab.org.

For further information regarding Emergency Response steps to take during this phone outage, contact Emergency Manager Tina Menefee, at Menefee@jlab.org or call 757-768-4030.