JLab-Wide Phone Outage: Saturday, Aug. 10

JLab-Wide Phone Outage: Saturday, Aug. 10

Jefferson Lab’s landline telephone system will be down Saturday, Aug. 10, from 8 a.m.- 12 p.m. noon. The outage will permit equipment upgrades.

Across Jefferson Lab, the outage will disrupt:

• Landline telephone services
• Voicemail
• Fax machines

This outage will affect JLab and university phones in the ARC, but won't affect commercial tenants in the ARC.

To Report Emergencies During the Outage:

- Use a cell phone to call 911; then immediately call the JLab Security cell phone at 757-342-9868. Advise Security of the 911 call; the nature and location of the emergency.
- Or activate the closest fire alarm box. Follow this by calling Security at 757-342-9868 to inform officers of the situation.

Inquiries can be made to Jefferson Lab Security’s cell at 757-342-9868.

For more information regarding this outage, contact the IT Division Helpdesk at helpdesk@jlab.org.

For further information regarding Emergency Response steps to take during this phone outage, contact Emergency Manager Tina Menefee, at Menefee@jlab.org or call 757-768-4030.