JLab Will Begin Testing its Public Address System on a Monthly Basis

On April 20, Jefferson Lab Will Begin Testing its Public Address System on a Monthly Basis

On Wednesday, April 20, Jefferson Lab will begin conducting a monthly test of its Public Address (PA) System – the live audible announcement feature – available through the lab’s Cisco phones.

Starting on April 20, these tests will occur at 5:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month.

The Public Address System may be used to notify members of the lab community, who are indoors, of critical emergency situations requiring immediate action, such as taking cover for a tornado warning.

The tests will be conducted after normal business hours because the PA tool is potentially disruptive when it is activated: It interrupts any in-progress call on a Cisco phone. Active calls are automatically put on “hold.” As soon as the PA announcement has ended, the JLab person may re-activate his/her call by taking it off of “hold.”

A reminder will be posted to Insight in advance of this monthly test.

The test announcements won’t last more than 30 seconds, and will clearly state that it is a test of the system.

Members of the lab community with feedback or observations regarding tests of the PA system, or regarding emergency communications in general, are asked to email their input to Jefferson Lab's Emergency Manager, Tina Menefee, at emergmgr@jlab.org.