JSA Initiatives Fund Program: FY14 Call for Proposals Due by Dec. 23

JSA Initiatives Fund Program: FY14 Call for Proposals Due by Dec. 23

Jefferson Science Associates has issued the FY2014 Call for Proposals for the Initiatives Fund. JSA owners have committed $400K for the FY14 Program.

Due to time dependency, the JSA owners, SURA and PAE Applied Technologies, have pre-approved the award of FY14 funds for several historically supported projects based on the recommendation of the JSA Programs Committee. Additionally, two owner-directed projects have been pre-approved for FY2014 funding. The remaining ~$140K funds will be awarded on a competitive basis.

Information on JSA's Initiatives Fund proposal process, evaluation committee, review process and the criteria to determine proposal merit, as well as specific instructions to proposers, can be found at: http://www.jsallc.org/IF/CP14.html


Original proposals are due directly to JSA by COB Dec. 23, 2013.

Note that the criteria were updated this year, so be sure to look over the updated criteria before submitting. In particular, note that there is a new proposal submission form (fillable pdf) for providing the summary and budget information.

This Initiatives Fund program allows the lab to pursue worthwhile initiatives, beyond the bounds of contract program funds that advance the lab's scientific research, development, education outreach and technology transfer missions. Staff is encouraged to work with their principal investigators and leadership to identify and develop outstanding proposals for funding.

Questions about this Call for Proposal and the process may be submitted to Elizabeth Lawson at elawson@sura.org. JSA will make responses to general questions regarding this call for proposal available to all proposers.