LDRD Celebration Announcement: Message from Hugh Montgomery

LDRD Celebration Announcement: Message from Hugh Montgomery – Lab Directed Research and Development Program Announcement and Poster Session Set for 12-1 p.m. on Oct. 2 in the CEBAF Center Atrium

Dear All,

This year marks the third year of Jefferson Lab’s Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) program.  It also marks the completion of five of the six projects that have been funded to date by LDRD, including three projects that initiated the program in FY2014 and two additional projects begun in FY2015.  We are marking this milestone by having a Poster Session in the Atrium of CEBAF Center on Friday, October 2nd from noon to 1 PM.  We will also use the occasion to announce (at about12:30) the LDRD projects that will be funded for FY2016.

LDRD aims to stimulate research in new directions relevant to our Strategic Plan, and to provide opportunities to recognize innovative staff.  The scale of the projects is modest, and the total funding for the year has been set to be under $800,000.  Each year we solicit proposals and have a detailed peer review process to choose the projects to be funded.  The five projects that have been completed are listed below.  Do stop by and learn how these projects are helping the laboratory progress toward its plans for the future.

Project #

Principal Investigator


Status at Start of FY2016


FY2014 Start


Jack McKisson

Physics Wireless Data Acquisition System for Imaging Detector

Completed (but some parts still to be delivered)


Christian Weiss

Physics potential of polarized light ions with EIC@JLab



Andrew Kimber

Development of a prototype for a fast RF kicker for the MEIC electron cooler



FY2015 Start


Yuhong Zhang

Cooling by a bunched beam



Yves Roblin

Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Suppression experiment


A sixth project, by He Zhang on “Enhancing Simulation Capability for Electron Cooling in MEIC Project” began in FY2015, but has planned for one more year of activity.  Broadly we are delighted with the progress that has been made by the projects funded through the LDRD program, and look forward with great interest to the evolution of their impact on the Lab and to similar impact from the new FY2016 projects that will be announced at the Poster Session. 

Jefferson Lab