Lehman Review a success - a message from Christoph Leemann

Lehman Review a success - a message from Christoph Leemann

Dear Colleagues,

As you may have heard, the lab successfully completed the "Lehman Review" for the 12 GeV Upgrade on Thursday.

The Independent Project Review headed by Daniel R. Lehman, director of the Office of Project Assessment, concluded that design progress for the 12 GeV Upgrade is impressive and the project is ready for approval of CD-3 and the start of construction.

I want to publicly thank the review team, the DOE, the scientific user community, the laboratory and, above all, the members of the 12 GeV Upgrade project team, all of whom contributed to the success of the review and the success of the project.

It is gratifying and rewarding to see years of tenacity and perseverance come to fruition, to have established a solid place in the scientific landscape, to have an outstanding team and excellent systems in place and integrated into the laboratory, and to look forward to start the great enterprise of actually building the upgrade.

I remain convinced that advancing this project with all the vigor we are capable of is the best we can do for the future of the laboratory.


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