LOTO Inspection and Corrective Actions

This past July Todd Kujawa, ESH&Q and Steve Neilson, TJSO conducted the annual LOTO Inspection that is required by OSHA. The report is attached for your information. They discovered a variety of tags being used incorrectly in both maintenance and administrative applications. These tags are very important as they serve as warnings to others as to the reason the lock needs to remain in place.

To quickly address this the Laboratory has identified a single tag to be used for maintenance applications and a single tag to be used for administrative applications. The stock room is in the process of stocking the appropriate number of tags. When they are available you will be notified and each organization is then required to sweep every active LOTO (both maintenance and administrative) and supply areas to:

  1. Replace ALL maintenance tags, whether in use or kept in a supply area with the new maintenance tag. Discard old tags.
  2. Replace ALL administrative tags, whether in use or kept in a supply area with the new administrative tag. Discard old tags.

Please report completion to Todd Kujawa. Todd can also answer any questions you may have.

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