Machine Shop Work Requests

Machine Shop Work Requests

Posted Sept. 26, 2012

Starting October 1st, new features for the electronic Machine Shop Work Requests will be enabled. All Work Requests will now require a dollar estimate for the work requested. In addition, the system will utilize a new signature authorization feature designed specifically for the Machine Shop in ACM.

Personnel who already have Project/Organizational signature authority for purchase requisitions have already been automatically loaded into ACM to authorize Machine Shop Work Requests (called Job Requests in ACM). Please contact your Division Administrator to facilitate getting additional signature authorization personnel added if needed Machine Shop personnel will validate/update dollar estimates of the work requested prior to the work commencing. This amount will automatically be transmitted to personnel authorized in ACM for Machine Shop signature approval. Once approved, the Machine Shop will then be authorized to start the work.

If you have any questions, please contact Dave McCay at ext. 7300 or Heidi Derby at ext. 7547.

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