Mailing Address and Delivery

Mailing Address and Delivery

Last year the Lab went to new mailing addresses to allow the US Postal Service to deliver the majority of the mail directly to the buildings. We however find that a lot of mail is still being delivered to the old address which is causing delays and additional effort.

The correct address for both US Post Office as well as internal delivery is attached for your use.

There is a high volume of "junk mail"( catalogs, fliers, etc) that continue to be delivered to the old address. One some days we can receive over 100 copies of the same catalog to be delivered on-site. To combat this going problem vendors are being notified to mail no more than 5 catalogs to the site which will be kept in the Stockroom for general use. The mail desk will work with procurement to have more catalogs available whenever there is a major vendor change such as the recent vendor change for office supplies. Other junk mail will be returned to the sender or recycled.

All individuals are reminded to

  • notify anyone with which they correspond to of the new address.
  • Personal mail should not be delivered to the Lab

If there are any questions, please contact Bill Brisiel at Ext 7233.

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