Make Sure You Are Ready for EMS Audit

Make Sure You Are Ready for EMS Audit

DOE will be auditing JLab's Environmental Management System (EMS) on April 28-30. If you've recently received your notice to take SAF 127A (Environmental Management System (EMS) Annual Update), please take the 10-minute refresher before the audit.

A brief PowerPoint presentation is also available to familiarize yourself with the EMS.  Be sure to review the definition of "Significant Aspects."  Significant Aspects are the most important potential environmental hazards at the facility. They are systematically identified and prioritized on a regular basis.

The current list of Significant Aspects includes:

    1. Industrial wastewater and discharges to surface water
    2. Hazardous waste and nonhazardous solid waste
    3. Low level radioactive waste
    4. Activation of soil and groundwater
    5. Nanomaterials
    6. Ozone-depleting substances (Freon, etc.)
    7. Water use
    8. Energy use

If your job involves any of these Significant Aspects, please be knowledgeable about the SOPs or other documents that are used at JLab to mitigate these issues.

For information regarding EMS terms or activities that you could be asked about by an auditor, please read through this short Power Point presentation.


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