Map and Signage Designating General Access and Property Protection Areas

To ensure we are complying with new Department of Energy guidance and our relevant policies and procedures as outlined in the Director’s All Staff email dated March 14, 2019, the attached map has been developed showing both General Access Areas and Property Protection Areas for Jefferson Lab.  CEBAF Center and the Services Support Center are a mix of both types of areas to allow the maximum flexibility needed to host guests and visitors to the many scientific collaborations and events held here.  The purpose of the mixed areas is to show where guests and visitors without an issued Jefferson Lab access badge can move without escort within the specified General Access Areas marked in green for both buildings (ie. Auditorium, lobbies, conference rooms, lavatories, elevators and stairwells).  You will note that temporary signage has been placed in each of these areas.  We are moving toward more permanent signage solutions to better highlight these access control areas. The intent is to remain an open and welcoming facility for those visitors with a valid business or educational reason for being on-site, while protecting the work spaces used by persons with an authorized Jefferson Lab access badge.  If you have questions about the map or area designations, contact Brian Hanlon, Security and Services Manager at extension 7548.

graphic map of CEBAF and SSC public and restricted areas