Message from Allison Lung: Budgetary Challenges Going Into FY2017

Message from Allison Lung: Budgetary Challenges Going Into FY2017

Dear Colleagues,

We are facing significant budgetary challenges for NP Base funds going into FY2017 in part due to an expected Continuing Resolution, and also because implementation of a new DOE financial software system may delay arrival of the first FY2017 funds into late October. The intent is to allow you to retain maximum flexibility to help manage this difficult situation as we start the new year.

The Office of Nuclear Physics, TJSO, and the ORO Budget & Planning Office are working together to mitigate risks due to the software implementation by forward-funding us a fraction of the October 2017 budget.

However, it is clear that Jefferson Lab will need to significantly restrict non-labor spending immediately in order to manage the October risk, and get through a Continuing Resolution. To meet this end, the following changes are being put in place today:

  1. All Divisions will retain any unobligated FY2016 funds within their awarded target budgets, and carry them forward into FY2017.
  2. Non-labor spending > $1,000 through all channels (PRs, POs, P-Cards, Travel, etc) will require review and approval by ADs/Directorate through September and into October (NP base funds and Indirects, not SPP/WFO/12GeV).
  3. All procurements in place for early October award are being reviewed to understand possible flexibility and impacts if award is delayed.

We anticipate issuing draft 6-month FY2017 budget targets by the end of this week which will be aligned with a six-month Continuing Resolution funding level.

Your help in managing this budget challenge is essential. We all need to work together in order to optimize the Lab efforts during this period.

Contact me or our Budget Officer (S. Parkinson, x7590) with any questions.

Allison Lung