Message from Christoph Leemann

Message from Christoph Leemann

Dear Colleagues,

Over the last few years, Jefferson Lab has consolidated its position as an institution with unique capabilities for the study of fundamental properties of matter and the advancement of forefront accelerator technology. Jefferson Lab and its user community have generated scientific results of discovery caliber and successfully launched the 12 GeV Upgrade project. The Laboratory has enhanced its scientific and managerial leadership, and it successfully emerged from the contract competition - internally restructured and strengthened, and operating under a new corporate governance model. It has earned an outstanding evaluation for its science, management, and operation under the new paradigm.

Having participated in the creation and shaping of this laboratory has been a privilege and a source of great satisfaction; to lead it as Director over the last six-and-a half years, was the culmination of my professional career. Deeply rewarding, as this task was, it also required single-minded attention, demanded sacrifices, and imposed limitations on personal and private interests. To pursue these other life aspects, I want to step down from my position as JSA President and Laboratory Director while I still enjoy my good health.

I have been in close consultation with the JSA Board of Directors, upon whom it will fall to find a replacement for me. Some of JLab.s greatest achievements still lie ahead, and the institution deserves the best and strongest possible leadership. I will support the search in any way I can and the Board may wish, and I expect that sometime in the last quarter of this fiscal year I can hand over the lab leadership to my successor. Until that time, I will lead the Laboratory and do my part to avoid the need for interim leadership of any significant duration.

I look forward to the two All Staff meetings that are scheduled for 0900 and 1000 in the auditorium tomorrow morning to provide an opportunity to ask and answer questions.

Christoph Leemann

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