Message from Christoph Leemann - Lab Director Announcement

Message from Christoph Leemann - Lab Director Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

When you receive this e-mail, you will have read or heard the official announcement that Hugh E. Montgomery has been selected and has accepted the position as the next Director of Jefferson Lab. This outcome is excellent news, and I want to add a brief personal note.

I would have greatly enjoyed sharing that moment with you, but at this time I am on a trip in Europe, planned long ago and involving many long-standing commitments to friends and family. Therefore, this e-mail must suffice.

I am absolutely delighted about this outcome. I was truly looking forward to the time when a highly qualified leader would take over the helm of Jefferson Lab. The job of lab director is multi-facetted and there are many expectations that must be met: scientific leadership and vision, team building, skill and experience in directing a complex enterprise, interfacing effectively with the Department of Energy, and representation of the lab and the scientific enterprise to a broad range of decision makers and stakeholders. With his distinguished career and, in particular, his experience as Associate Director for Research at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Hugh Montgomery brings these qualifications in rich measure.

Thanks to the diligent efforts of the JSA search committee an exceptionally well-qualified person has stepped forward as the future leader of JLab. Upon my return, I look forward very much, first, to celebrate this outcome with the appropriate event, and second, to complete my term and work with the newly selected leader and the JLab leadership to accomplish the goal of a seamless transition.

Christoph Leemann

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