Message from Hugh Montgomery: 2009 Safety

Message from Hugh Montgomery: 2009 Safety

Dear All,

This has been a stellar week for the Lab, and I will be sending several e-mails and other communications.
But, let me start from the top. Sometime in the Fall of 2008 we said . and the numbers will take care of themselves..
And it happened. Mary Logue drafts:

Congratulations to the entire Jefferson Lab community of employees,subcontractors, and scientific users for achieving a significant safety milestone over the past twelve months. There were no work-related
injuries involving lost work time, restriction of duties, or transfer to other duties during Fiscal Year 2009.

This is a first for our Lab and a direct result of your work planning and safe work practices. Let's continue this positive trend, and again, congratulations to everyone for this incredible achievement!

You can guess that I concur. It.s great. This covered a year in which we started civil construction
associated with the 12 GeV Upgrade Project. In FY2010, the bar gets raised since we will be in that phase of the
project, essentially the whole year. Let's keep our eyes open and our heads and bodies protected. That way
you.ll get your congratulations for 2010 a year from now.

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