Message from Hugh Montgomery: Associate Project Manager for Physics for 12GeV

Glenn Young is joining Jefferson Lab today, August 31st, after a
stellar career at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he has led their
nuclear physics program. He also played a number of key roles in the
establishment of the RHIC program at Brookhaven, principally in the
PHENIX Experiment.

In the Upgrade Project there are three Associate Project Managers, one
for Accelerator, one for Civil, and the other for Physics. The latter
has been vacant for some time, with the duties shared among Claus
Rode, Allison Lung, Warren Funk and Rolf Ent. There are plans for Rolf
to spend an increased amount of time looking to Electron Ion Collider
issues, however he and the others will be helping Glenn transition to
his new responsibilities. With the project construction effort ramping
up, it is an exciting time here at JLab and we are thrilled to have
Glenn on the team.

Please join me in welcoming Glenn and helping him to make this move
successful in all respects.

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