Message from Hugh Montgomery: Diversity & Inclusion Culture Survey

Message from Hugh Montgomery: Diversity & Inclusion Culture Survey

Dear Colleagues, For the last year, we have been implementing our vision of Integrated Diversity & Inclusion Management. We created a policy, set expectations, and the D&I Council recently completed training all our supervisors and managers.

The next step is to assess awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion throughout the Lab. The D&I Council has developed a Diversity and Inclusion Survey open to all employees of JSA. We conducted a similar survey in 2014, and the results of the current survey will tell us the impacts of our efforts and will further allow us to focus our work on areas with the greatest impact.

This poll is hosted off-site by Survey Monkey. The D&I Council values everyone's unique perspective, therefore space for comments or examples has been provided after the questions. The survey is anonymous as we want everyone to share their thoughts freely. If you would like to volunteer your support of our D&I efforts, there will be a place at the end of the survey for you to do so, but it will not be tied to your responses.

If you have any questions about this survey or would like to learn more about diversity and inclusion at Jefferson Lab, please visit Jefferson Lab's Diversity website.

We are looking forward to a record response,


Click here to access the survey